110 - POP3


Port: 110 (TCP)

The Post Office Protocol (POP) is an Internet standard protocol for transferring messages from an e-mail server to an e-mail client.


With the Nmap scripts, you can retrieve information about the server.

  • To include information about: NetBios, DNS and OS build version.

nmap -n -p 110,995 --script=pop3-ntlm-info <TARGET>
  • To show which commands the server supports.

nmap -n -p 110,995 --script=pop3-capabilities <TARGET>

Also, you can use the Metasploit module auxiliary/scanner/pop3/pop3_version in order to obtain the pop3 version.


In this subsection, you will find some useful commands in order to interact with the POP3 service through CLI.


You can interact with a POP3 services following these steps.

[telnet <IP> <PORT>] | [nc -nC <IP> <PORT>]
ehlo example.com #Some servers also accept helo in place of ehlo.

Listing emails

> list
1 897
2 5136

Read an email

retr 2 

Delete an email

dele 2

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